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FAQs is the supported self-publishing brand owned by Newgen KnowledgeWorks. The services have been specially crafted for authors who have commercial aspirations for their work. Our services bridge the gap between self-publishing and traditional publishing, bringing you the best of both. We wish to make your work the best it can become.

While most self-publishing firms have the same set of essential services, we have those and a plethora more which are most required by the authors, like
1. Managing your social media accounts,
2. Getting you that most coveted bookstore for your book events,
3. Getting your books reviewed in newspapers and magazines, and
Simply put, you will have – under one roof – all the services needed by an author wanting to be commercially successful, delivered by professionals with several years of relevant industry experience.

You (the author) will always retain the copyrights to your work if you publish with

Yes, we do. Our standard packages are best suited for B/W books. Books with coloured inside pages tend to get rather expensive when printed in smaller batches or as a single copy POD. Hence, we recommend to work with our help to create a customised service package for such books.