Dancing Kites
Dancing Kites
Subject(s): Poetry, Narrative
ISBN 16L00005
 Publication Date
  Pages 101




There is poetry in everything: laughter, loneliness, joy, tears. Every time reality and imagination meet and collide, a poem is born. Poems fill you with wonder and make you ache for answers, they make you laugh harder than ever before, they are emotions woven into thoughts on paper. 'Dancing Kites' is for those who would love to stay eternally happy, for those who realize that it’s alright to not be happy all the time, for those who need to know that they’re not alone and for those who want to know that they’re special. These kites soar, peck on the clouds, and return with sweet messages. This book is a gentle and satisfying journey of all things feelings and all things not.

Born in 2005, Ananya V. Ganesh’s love for books started at a tender age and she became a voracious reader over the years. She first began writing at the age of 7, letting her imagination take shape in the form of numerous poems, skits and short stories, leading up to her becoming a published author of ‘9 Chocolatey Bites’, a short story collection in 2016 and ‘Dancing Kites’, an anthology of poems in 2019.In her free time, one can usually find Ananya reading, writing or deciding how to mismatch her socks, blissfully unaware about that ink blotch on her nose.
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