Write: Find Your Own Mind As A Writer
Write: Find Your Own Mind As A Writer
Subject(s): Self Help/Creativity
ISBN 9798596434767
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This book will help you shed your fears and embrace your love for writing.After I published my first book, and recovered all my money during the first year of publication, many authors around the world wrote to me to understand what I did differently, as I was based in Sweden but had launched my book in India. How did I reach my readers? How did I promote and market my book? What steps were involved in writing, publishing and marketing? Our conversations helped put my fellow authors at ease. They realised that the process is not that difficult. Of course, it’s not simple, but it is also not dreadful or unimaginably complex. Ultimately, it’s all about shifting the mindset from overwhelm to ease and enjoying the process. It is asking the right questions to get unstuck from the claws of subconscious fears. It’s all about making it F.U.N – Fulfilling, Upbeat, Nurturing. Many authors say that they write for themselves. I respect that. But then why do so many of us go through the trouble of publishing and marketing? I truly believe it is because there is a bigger driving force that pushes us writers to endure all sorts of challenges. We want to share our writing with the world. We want to reach people, whether our purpose is to help, entertain or educate; be famous; make a living; bring changes in society; or anything else that feels right. This brings me to a question I often encounter when coaching authors: ‘How do I balance my need to write with life’s never-ending demands?’ This book asks – and answers – several such questions to allow you to make smart choices that will lead to high productivity and help you accomplish your writing goals. It offers unique tips, techniques and insights that will move your idea to manuscript and your manuscript to a published book. It talks about real challenges and struggles faced by a writer. It highlights the fear hidden beneath the excuses made in the form of to-do, can-do and want-to-do lists. Passionately presented, superbly crafted and filled with real stories, this book will make you want to WRITE.

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