Newgen KnowledgeWorks is the name of the company. 16Leaves.com is a brand of Newgen KnowledgeWorks.

16Leaves.com is the supported self-publishing brand owned by Newgen KnowledgeWorks. The services have been specially crafted for authors who have commercial aspirations for their work. Our services bridge the gap between self-publishing and traditional publishing, bringing you the best of both. We wish to make your work the best it can become.

While most self-publishing firms have the same set of essential services, we have those and a plethora more which are most required by the authors, like
1. Managing your social media accounts,
2. Getting you that most coveted bookstore for your book events,
3. Getting your books reviewed in newspapers and magazines, and
Simply put, you will have – under one roof – all the services needed by an author wanting to be commercially successful, delivered by professionals with several years of relevant industry experience.

You (the author) will always retain the copyrights to your work if you publish with 16Leaves.com.

Yes, we do. Our standard packages are best suited for B/W books. Books with coloured inside pages tend to get rather expensive when printed in smaller batches or as a single copy POD. Hence, we recommend to work with our help to create a customised service package for such books.


  1. Traditional,
  2. Partnered,
  3. Supported Self Publishing, &
  4. DIY Self Publishing.

Pros and cons of the different kinds of publishing

– Traditional Publishing

Publishers screen content, select manuscripts submitted from authors directly or from literary agents, pay advances (occasionally), publish the book (edit, proof, design, paginate & print), market and distribute the book, and pay the author royalties after they receive revenue from the sales of the book.

Pros: No investment.

Cons: Excruciating selection process with long waiting and close to zero control on your book.

Suitable for – Authors who are commercially inclined (need to make money from the book).

– Partnered Publishing

The process remains the same as traditional publishing, except that when some traditionally published authors are confident of the success of their work, they pitch in, reducing the publisher’s investment. They also might work on some parts to bargain for a better royalty or get quicker turnaround time. In most cases, they take care of the marketing, in part or entirely. Or, they will take care of the pre-press stages or media relationships.

Sometimes they have the ability to sell a large quantity of books themselves, so they buy many in advance, invest together with the publisher and share revenues instead of a meagre royalty. This essentially reduces the publisher’s risk on the project, or helps in taking the marketing beyond what the publisher would generally do. It also enables them sometimes to offer the book at a very aggressive price in the market.

Pros: Similar to traditional publishing with better royalties.

Cons: Part investment, hence resulting risk.

Suitable for – Authors who are commercially inclined (need to make money from the book) and wish to invest into their work while having better deal structures.

– Supported Self Publishing

The author publishes her/his own work using services from a publishing firm for services she/he deems required. Most work done by a traditional publisher is available in supported self-publishing as paid services. The author here dons the role of an artist-entrepreneur, with complete control on how the process gets delivered, when the book should be released, how the book needs to look, what the pricing strategy should be, which markets to target, in what formats to present the work to the audience, etc. Since the author is investing and it is her/his work, they get the majority of returns.

Pros: Complete control of the book and its rights, high quality of services on offer from professional firms, wide arena of publishers to choose from, and the highest earnings per copy of book sold.

Cons: The risk of the investment.

Suitable for – Authors who are commercially inclined (need to make money from the book) and will go the extra mile to polish their work with professional editing, layouts, and cover design; who will price the book aggressively, market it well, get the book to bookstores, etc. In short, authors who want to put the best possible product in front of their buyers, where it can compete with traditionally published products.

This kind of publishing is for authors who want complete control of the publishing process and the rights and are willing to invest time and resources on their own work. They are commercially inclined for maximum returns on their investment.

– DIY Self Publishing – Limited and Expanded

The author publishes her/his own work using the publishing platforms provided by a publishing firm or themselves. Here the author does the entire work of the publishing process – from the editing, proofing, pagination, and cover design, to marketing the book. DIY is further classified into limited and expanded.

Limited: The book is available only on the retailing services of that platform, i.e., Amazon’s Createspace where should you publish the book, it is only available for sales on Amazon’s platforms.

Expanded: The book is made available for sales across several platforms.

Pros: Zero investment, complete control of the book and its rights, with the highest earnings per copy of book sold.

Cons: Without professional services like editing, cover designs, aggressive marketing and distribution, etc., the book’s potential in terms of quality, brand building and sales may get restricted.

Suitable for – Authors who want complete control of the publishing process and the rights, while not willing to invest into their work. Best fits hobbyist authors, who are just writing for their own selves or for limited audiences.

At 16Leaves.com, we sign a non-exclusive contract with you. This means you are free to close the contract, or enter into more contract(s) for your work, without any restriction whatsoever. However, if you choose to discontinue with us, you may do so only after we have received the payment for all the services that were delivered either in part or full. However, we don’t recommend publishing simultaneously with multiple publishers, as in the market, it would lead to confusion and several retailers may have issues on listings.

We always deliver the best we can for your project. At regular intervals, we take feedback from you to ensure your satisfaction at all stages of the project. It is important to have clear communication from both ends for this.

Rather than checking with you when the entire process is over, we correspond frequently so as to prevent misunderstanding and dissonance. At each stage in the process please ensure that you communicate any issues you may have so that we can resolve it at the earliest possible.

In case you are not happy with the work, we will make changes to it as per your requirements or return your money back to you for the services you did not like.

As a part of all publishing packages, we send your book’s information to all key Bibliographic Databases to ensure that they are aware of your book. Should you wish to make your product available globally, please check our global online distribution services.

*Our global online distribution services are a part of all our standard publishing packages.

You can make the payment via all forms cash, cheque, NEFT, or through credit or debit card (upon request, we will send an invoice to you with a link to a payment gateway). Should paying in installments work better for you, the same can be worked out as per months or as per milestones achieved.

Yes. Several authors have moved from their original publishers to 16Leaves.com; we will be happy to facilitate the transition. We will help with all the files you need to request from the previous publisher, but we will not be able to interface directly with the previous publisher to get your files, as we are not authorised to do so.

Yes, you may. There are several relevant services you can make use of from 16Leaves.com to add value to your book. The pricing of the individual services are mentioned separately on the relevant page sections.

Please get in touch with us via a call on +91 8080336688or a simple email to hello@16Leaves.com, or fill up this form.

For time bound subscription based services like Social Media Management or Warehousing services, etc., when the period of the contract gets over, you are intimated about the same. You may continue or discontinue the same as per your discretion. If you wish you extend the contract or purchase a new service at this point, we send you an updated schedule/addendum to the previously signed contract.

For individual services, e.g. only editing services, the contract expires once the services have been delivered to the author and the fees have been paid.

For any reasons, should you wish to discontinue the services during the process of delivery, depending on what stage of services have been delivered and payments received, the same can be mutually discussed and closed.

For discontinuing from an association where payment has been made and services have been delivered, like changing your publisher or moving to a traditional publisher, an email request is sufficient. We will need standard industry timelines for closing the services from our side and handing over any files you may need for yourself. We will ensure all related files of the project are deleted at our end and a confirmation of the same is provided to you.