Hues from Cues
Hues from Cues
A Complete Poetry Writing Workbook for Budding Poets
Subject(s): Non-Fiction, Self Help
ISBN 9789395264129
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Poetry is an art form that discovers itself with words. While poetry alone may never be enough to express emotions, yet there are enough emotions within poems. Hues from Cues is a collection of poems that began from nowhere, not knowing where to go, and where it would end. Yet, this selection made it to the winners’ list for specific writing challenges. There is a story behind every verse in the book and some writing tips for budding poets, which have been sprinkled throughout the book. A lyrical and dramatic collection that speaks of love, grief, pain, romance, nature, and everything else one can think of. The first section talks about how to write poetry, followed by the poems, the stories behind the poems, and then finally how to write specific forms of poetry. Savour the poems and learn how to write poetry in this enticing read!

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Table of Contents
Section 1
1. Acknowledgements
2. Prologue
Section 2 – Introduction to Poetry Writing
1. What Is Poetry?
2. Why Write Poetry?
3. Elements of a Poem
4. How To Write Poems
5. How to Punctuate Poems
Section 3 – Shades of Love
1. Will You Be My Wife?
2. I Love The Way You Are
3. Petrichor
4. The Dinner Date
5. Goodbye
6. An Excursion With I
7. Our Unfinished Story
8. A Love Story Amid Tides
9. Fell In Love, All Over Again!
Section 4 – Hues of Nature
1. Black
2. Border
3. Save The Earth
4. Jasmine
5. Monsoon in Delhi
6. Mother Earth, Heal Thyself
7. Are You Cold?
8. Life Revolves In Five Shades
9. Her Melting Crust
10. Boat
Section 5 – Cues of Life
1. No, Not the Victim
2. A Porch With A Swing
3. Rebound
4. Life Takes A Full Circle
5. The Fire In Her
6. Separation for Happiness
7. She Might Never Stop
8. Hold On for A While
9. The Hidden Vampire
10. The Fear of Failure
11. Horizon
Section 6 – Poetic Drabbles
1. Journey Behind
2. Ingredients to Happy and Successful Life
3. A Puddle of Blood
4. Truth or Dare
5. Bangles
6. City of Adventures
7. The Missing Communication
8. Make Me Shiver
9. The Banyan Tree
10. I am Busy Building An Empire
Section 7 – Poetry Shots
1. Acrostic
a. Resolution
b. Genesis
2. Acrostic Monorhyme
a. Breakfast
3. Cinquain
a. A Farmer’s Fantasy
4. Endrhyme
5. Rich-rhyme
a. The Teary Wave
6. Limerick
7. Pathya vat
8. Tanka
9. Whitney
10. Punnett
11. Haiku
a. Silver Line
Back cover
VANDANA is a Soft Skills Trainer, HR Professional, Content Writer by discipline and a Creative Writer by passion. She began her career as HR Generalist and wears multiple hats now. Her career spans over double decades. She is one of the Panel Advisors and Writing Skills trainer in the Writing Academy of India’s prestigious institute, Henry Harvin Education. Vandana is also visiting faculty for writing skills training at some of the leading Institutes of India. Interestingly, Vandana discovered her creative avatar through a random blog which she posted on a Guest Blogging Site. The blog now has over eleven million views. She has endorsed some of the highly reputed brands through her blogs. Vandana has also won numerous awards that include Women in Corporate Awards by Women’s Web twice in a row and 40 Over 40 Awards by She the People TV. She started her blog vandanaspen in 2019 and is now the proud winner of more than 300 writing challenges for poetry and story writing.
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