Surviving the Arid
Surviving the Arid
A coming-of-age survival story
ISBN 9789394530652
  Pages 83




Jamie has it all. A ten-story mansion, rich parents, a caretaker who attends to his every need. He also has a lousy and dreadful attitude. If that wasn’t enough, he impulsively decides to pilot a plane one day and crash-lands in the middle of nowhere. Will Jamie survive? A coming-of-age story of friendship, grit and determination.

ANANYA HARISH is a 11-year-old chirpy and vivacious aspiring author who is fascinated by science and nature. An avid reader that she is, she would happily live in a library if she could. In the list of loved authors, her most favourite ones include JK Rowling, Rick Riordan and JRR Tolkien. She began penning poems, short stories and novels at the tender age of 6 and has published some of her favourite works on multiple online platforms. Being an animal lover, her favourite go-to place would be a farm where she could pet the animals to her heart’s content. Ananya believes in the innate goodness of human beings and she harps on that element in her creations. When she is not reading or penning her thoughts, she would be sketching and doodling in her bullet journal. Ananya has won several accolades for various competitions at the international level. She is currently serving as the Jr. Head Girl of her esteemed school.
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