Purple You
Purple You
A Small Collection of Beautiful Poems
Subject(s): Fiction, Poetry
ISBN 9789395515849
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Purple You liberates Kirtipriya’s caged thoughts and is all set to create veritable ripples in the genre of modern love poetry. The verses are etched to unsettle the composure of the romantics at heart. The lustre of love will ignite your soul and the deep dark wings of passion will nest in your heart. Read through and experience the power of love that sets you free and yet binds you to a strange make-believe world of illusion.

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Table of Contents
A Letter To My Lover
1. Hey Stranger
2. Nevertheless
3. Crush
4. Angel
5. Can You Just Like Me Please
6. Stalker
7. Confession
8. Stockholm Syndrome
9. Favourite View
10. Deception
11. Mistake
12. Falling For You
13. Favourite Song
14. Your Essence
15. This Guy
16. Watching You Breathe
17. Therapy
18. Fireworks
19. Stay
20. Walk With Me
21. Opposite Attracts
22. Secrets
23. Home
24. Happy Place
25. Magic
26. Twilight
27. Scars
28. Star Parts
29. Dreams
30. Old Souls
31. Starlight
32. Forever Doesn’t Exists
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A bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Kirtipriya never allowed her creative juices to get inanimate or lose sheen. Instead, she made efforts to nurture them and to pour a potful of purple elixir to read, feel and cherish. She is currently pursuing a career as an IT professional in a reputed organization and stays with her ever-encouraging Mom and Dad. She is a movie buff and loves to read and pen down her random thoughts. She plays chess and is always eager to tackle fresh challenges and experiment with new things in life.
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