Hands on the Steering of Life
Hands on the Steering of Life
It’s time to fly!
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Hands on the Steering of Life by Sridevi Venkata Ramakrishna is a book of empowerment, empathy, encouragement and endless compassion and perseverance. The age-old evils of a patriarchal society have been dealt in a refreshing manner ensconced in feminine charm. A belitting reply to the atrocities committed against women has found a voice. This book is of a woman, by a woman and for a woman. Draw strength, joy and courage from it to make the lives of women around you more beautiful.

Front Matter
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Title page
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Chapter 1-4
Chapter 1 Women in Society
Isn’t Bharath Mata a Woman!
Glorious Stature of Women in Ancient Times
Social Laws favouring women empowerment
Chapter 2 Women in Family Relationships
How can we make the women around us feel safe?
Nation shaken by the dreadful crimes against women
Struggle of Women in a Male-Dominated Society
Women and society
Women are not free
Girl child abuse
Harassment for “DOWRY”
Types of dowry crimes committed on women
Men in relationship with outside women
Women ruled by children
How widows live a cursed life
Divorce – A growing menace to a decadent Indian society
Chapter 3 Women in Profession
Untie her wings and let her enjoy freedom
Encourage every woman to pursue her creativity
Learn from the woman who ruled nation
Women in Science
Let these great women be your inspiration
Be aware of the rights of women at workplace
Grow your career
Chapter 4 Hands on the Steering of life
Have we ever looked at what actually women want?
What women want from men
What women want from other women
What women want from society
Respect for women by women
Teach everybody around you to respect women
Women who dared to break conventions and excel in life
The nine-step approach to bring out your hidden skills and talents
Sridevi Venkata Ramakrishna is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary fortitude and a steel determination to succeed in life. She comes from a humble background. Life’s values were seeded in her by her parents who brought her up as a conscientious individual. Her father was a teacher in Rly-East Coast and mother is a homemaker. After completing her M.Com, Sridevi has worked widely for several renowned corporates and NGOs. Her life changed for the better under the auspices and guidance of her revered Guru, Dev Gadhvi, who trained her towards a soul transformation. With the blessings of her Gurujee, author Sridevi picked up her pen to make a visible di_ erence to the lives of people around her. Read her thoughts and help prove the world – pen is mightier than a sword!
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