From Poems to Perspectives
From Poems to Perspectives
A Heartfelt Compilation of Poems
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ISBN 9789395515412
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From Poems to Perspectives is an enchanting compilation of poignant poems encompassing diverse topics from all across the globe. The poems hover around the positive and surprising aspects of various human experiences and opinions through the years – both recent and past.The poem – Who tells us? – is a national award winning poem for 2022 and holds a special place in the hearts of both the poetess and the readers. Grab your cup of coffee and a copy of this book of poems to embark upon an amazing poetic journey and unfold the suffused magic.

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The Pandemic
The Power of Prayer
The Global Halt-2 years in a poem
At Homes
Blues and Greens
The Aquatic Alarm
The Happiest leaf-don’t be a leaf thief!
Societal Stigma
Who Tells Us?
Oh Dear Humans!
Positivity and Motivation
Peace at mind
Beauty of Literature
A Poem Would Do...
SEHAJ KAUR BHATIA is an ordinary fourteen-year-old girl with extraordinary dreams. She dreams of becoming an author, artist, speaker and above all a better version of herself with each passing day. She hails from Delhi, and belongs to a business family. Currently pursuing her tenth standard, she started writing when she was as young as six. The beginning of her writing journey was through writing stories and plays for her school. Immersing herself in crafting light artworks and intense stories forms the love of her life. She feels her thoughts differ in depth and intensity from that of the other people of her generation. Even though an introvert, she thinks her feelings need to be conveyed, and here she presents before the world her first book of poetry. Hope you all enjoy reading her unique perspectives as you dive deep in an ocean of soulful poetry!
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