Shark Bite
Shark Bite
The Mariana Trench
ISBN 9789395264150
 Publication Date
  Pages 64





Have you ever heard of a Megalodon, a nasty toothy enormous beast considered a close cousin of great white shark and reaching more than 20 feet in length! Meet one in this gripping thriller about surviving the odds after getting washed away in a frivolous, rickety island. The monster rises from the deepest part of the earth, the mysterious Mariana Trench. Surrounded by a Megalodon and other flesh-ripping, blood-curdling sharks, every moment is a battle between life and death for teenager Jaxx as she tries desperately to save the lives of her friends Tom, Demi, Beth, Zac and Thalia while waiting for rescue. Will they be rescued? Find out through this page-turner.

AARIKA RAO is a houseful of talent. The 11-year-old young author is a matured penner of fantastic stories and can tame even the wildest of teenage minds with her creative genius. The sixth-grade super-imaginative Aarika enjoys reading fiction and is inspired by the likes of Tui Sutherland books. Given her maturity, she shows great leadership skills in real life and nurtures a thousand golden promises in her dream-filled eyes. Aarika is a unique combination of wit and unbridled kindness. She is a storehouse of empathy, expressed passionately through her unadulterated love for animals.
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