A Tale about Love and Loss
ISBN 9789394831773
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Lives get mysteriously intertwined. Meghna, a young woman full of love and life, plunges into a palpable darkness when fate decides to snatch away her love. Manoj keeps getting those intense unbearable headaches. What does that lead to? How does he die? Manav decides to stay close to Meghna and gets overtly friendly with her toddler son. Who is Manav and why does he give off those friendly yet sinister vibes? Intertwined – A Tale about Love and Loss is intensely full of tenderness, anguish, mystery and hope out of hopelessness. A power-packed romantic thriller to make your weekend afternoon a joyful story time!

Front Matter
Title page
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Chapters 1-epi
Chapter 1 Meghna
Chapter 2 Meghna
Chapter 3 Bhaskar Sharma
A Day Before
Chapter 4 Damini Sharma
A month later
Chapter 5 Meghna
Chapter 6 Manav
Chapter 7 Manav
Chapter 8 Meghna
Chapter 9 Manav
Chapter 10 Meghna
Chapter 11 Meghna
Chapter 12 Manoj
Chapter 13 Meghna
Chapter 14 Manoj
Chapter 15 Meghna
Chapter 16 Manoj
Chapter 17 Meghna
Chapter 18 Manoj
Chapter 19 Meghna
Chapter 20 Manoj
Chapter 21 Meghna
Chapter 22 Manoj
Chapter 23 Meghna
Chapter 24 Manoj
Chapter 25 Meghna
Chapter 26 Manoj
Chapter 27 Meghna
Chapter 28 Manoj
Chapter 29 Meghna
Chapter 30 Meghna
Chapter 31 Manoj
Chapter 32 Meghna
Chapter 33 Manoj
Chapter 34 Meghna
Chapter 35 Meghna
Chapter 36 Manav
Last Evening
Chapter 37 Anandi
Chapter 38 Meghna
Chapter 39 Manav
Chapter 40 Manav
Chapter 41 Meghna
Chapter 42 Manav
Chapter 43 Meghna
Chapter 44 Manoj
Two Years Ago
Chapter 45 Meghna
Three months later
In her professional capacity, NEHA CHENANI KHANAGWAL works as an Assistant Manager in a leading Public Sector Bank. Reading has been her hobby all through life. After years of reading and inculcating a passion for books, she started penning her own thoughts which gradually took the shape of short stories. Working in a front-end customerfacing profile, she delightfully found herself surrounded by strange and fascinating stories. Inspiring anecdotes, which she thought worth sharing found a place in her heart and flowed into her debut novel Intertwined – A Tale about Love and Loss. It is culled out of the lives of the people in her life, who live on without losing hope, waiting for a more meaningful and brighter life ahead. On the personal front, she is happily married and a proud mother of two toddlers.
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