Mentor as a thought partner
Mentor as a thought partner
To Streamline your thoughts and get you back on track
Subject(s): Non-Fiction, Self Help
ISBN 9789390508273
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  Pages 88



Keerthi Prasad is an avid reader and an effective writer to distil complex thoughts into powerful yet simple words. A blogger and corporate guru, he graduated as an engineer from India and is currently based out of Melbourne, Australia. He has co-authored a book on corporate connection to couplets from “Thiruvalluvar”, a legendary philosopher who lived in the southern part of India. He is currently writing a novel around corporate bullying and bias. He has travelled across the globe providing Information Technology consulting for various fortune 500 companies. He has conducted a variety of workshops for colleges around employability and upskilled hundreds of students in the process. He was also a board member in VelTech university, India, in the Department of Information Technology and visiting faculty for many colleges around Tamil Nadu. He has been a guest speaker for events in La Trobe University in Australia, IIT- Roorkee in India and many other colleges to address the students and graduates. With that as the background, he has recently founded a social enterprise on mentoring
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