The 5Cs of Mother India
The 5Cs of Mother India
Celebrating India in all its Glory
Subject(s): Poetry, Patriotic
ISBN 9789390508426
 Publication Date
  Pages 124




The 5Cs of Mother India is a glorious journey through the history and grandeur of our Motherland, India. A brilliant collection of stimulating poems, this book portrays pan India Celebrations, Culture, Curiosity, Courage and Compassion with 10 poems under each of its category. Any enlightened soul who is in love with Mother Nation and who would love to experience the splendour of Indian Culture and Heritage, Biography and Accomplishments of legends through poetry would be fervently fascinated by the poems.

Sharvesh is an enthusiastic litterateur and is deeply smitten by the works of Rick Riordan and Roshani Chokshi. A voracious reader, he loves expressing his feelings and thoughts in the form of poems and short stories. His literary ventures, since the age of 8, have been shaped up into blog posts at Sharvesh harbours tremendous maturity, a positive outlook, and a unique and original perspective for the things and happenings all around. Inspired by life under the new normal, he took to weave this poetry collection expressing his appreciation and joy for life and living.
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