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From the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, emerges a polymathic figure, Sameer Gudhate, who has mastered a multitude of arts.

The book epitomizes a quiet, tortuous, and archetypical journey of a young lad in his teens. 

Q&A with the Publishing Experts

It’s Joseph’s twelfth year in Newgen. He is currently managing Aspen legal education, centralized art, and centralized manufacturing teams in Newgen.

Bidisha represents the Editorial at 16Leaves. Literature has been her passion since her school days. 

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Writing fatigue happens even to the best of writers. Writing is physically easy, but it can greatly impact your mind. You must know when to take a break and how to do it correctly. 

A self-publishing book plan aims to explain the book-building basics for writers new to publishing. 

Guest posts

Bibhuti Dash used to read stories from books to his daughter at bedtime

Short stories need to be short, but they need to be effective.

Book Recommendations

The Fist of God is a suspense novel by the bestselling British author Frederick Forsyth. It’s a thriller that brilliantly blends fact with fiction for one of the summer's – or any season's – most explosive reads!

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is a psychological thriller with twists and turns that you will
never expect