The Sacred Dance
The Sacred Dance
A poetic waltz between holding on and letting go
Subject(s): Fiction, Poetry
ISBN 9788195915118
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  Pages 104





There is an often fluid tension that exists between the light and the dark; heartbreak and a heart healed; grief and rebirth; pain and pleasure; love and lust. The sacred dance that takes place within this tension is wherewe learn the secret language of our heart, the desires of our body, and the wild of our spirit that suggests we are here to experience every last morsel of a life lived in the deep of it all. I invite you in to dance with me and ultimately, with yourself.

Courtney Tudman is an established poet who has been published in journals, magazines, and anthologies internationally. She has been writing since early childhood and finds herself continuously falling in love with the artistry of it. When Courtney isn’t writing, she is raising her gem of a son, strolling in nature, and loving family and friends to the best of her ability. ​​​​​​​16Leaves takes pride in supporting independent writers of all ages to publish their books. Publish your book, your way.
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