Sinister Soul Sisters
Sinister Soul Sisters
Subject(s): Fiction, Mystery
ISBN 9788195915101
 Publication Date
  Pages 228





Jade Harris, is going to turn eighteen soon. But before that she becomes an unwilling witness to a gruesome, bloodcurdling scene that subjects her to sleepless nights. She falls in love with the brave Aiden who swears to protect her till his last breath. But from what! What are the sinister soul sisters planning? Who will save the realms? Will the sworn enemies, the werewolves and the vampires, remain thirsty for blood till the end. This gripping tale of love and war will leave you hanging in the lurch.

Khushi Sahni is a confident 17-year-old girl, matured enough to understand life with its quota of positives and negatives. She studies in the 12th standard at Carmel Convent School, New Delhi. A passionate orator, Khushi often engages in debates, speeches, and more. Her versatility is felt in her wide range of poems and prose. Sensitive by nature, Khushi’s works instill compassion for nature and generate sympathy for the downtrodden and underprivileged. Her strong inclination towards women rights helps the cause of women against the hollowness of society standards and dictums. Khushi loves dancing, listening to music and watching fictional series and movies. She has a flair for learning multiple languages and embarked upon her passionate journey of creative writing during the pandemic days. Philanthropism nests in her roots and she provides financial aid for educating underprivileged children. This book is her debut novel.
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