Quarter- Life Chaos
Quarter- Life Chaos
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20s are a confusing age, right? There’s turmoil in almost every aspect of our life – romantic relationships, drifting friendships, the sudden realisation of all the problems that exist in our families, choosing the right courses to help with our career, chasing our dream job, the fear of not having a salary that’s capable of managing our expenses, an impending marriage, a delayed marriage, the fear of parenthood, the compromises, the adjustments, the struggles; they’re all too real. They’re all right in front of us and there’s this whole chaotic world inside our heads much like the one outside. Whether or not we appear to be bothered by all this, our shoulders bear the weight of the expectations, the familial pressures, the peer comparisons, office politics, the passion-compulsion dilemma, all this and more! The content of Quarter-life Chaos was born out of the thoughts that ran me ragged night-in night-out as a 20-something-year-old. I’m sure your thoughts won’t be too far from mine.

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2020 – Out with the Old, In with the New
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The Give-Take Seesaw
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The Leaving and the Left
In the Present
Out of Character
Be Selfish Because You Need To Be
We’re the Millennials
Life of a 90s Kid
The B-School Royal Rumble (& the Associated Scramble)
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SAI THARUN UDHAYASHANKAR, part-time writer, podcaster, singer, full-time over-thinker. An eternal optimist with a tinge of cynicism who believes a wide smile can put an end to ill-will between people. Like every other middle-class kid growing up in Tamil Nadu, life’s path carried him to Engineering (obviously!) and MBA (duh!). As the vagaries of life took over and threatened to end his childhood, he turned to words to help him decipher the twisted language of fate and make sense of whatever was going on around him. In essence, this book is an attempt to paint a picture of all the worries, anxieties, joys, highs, lows, and other experiences that we all live through in our 20s.
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