The Magic of Mythology
The Magic of Mythology
A Bouquet of Acrostic Poems from Ancient Times
Subject(s): Poetry, Mythology
ISBN 9789393902542
 Publication Date
  Pages 84




The Magic of Mythology is a brilliant collection of poems portraying the mythological characters from across the world. It has been woven with care in superbly creative Acrostic Style. This book features the magic and the magnanimity of the mythological figures of the Greek, Norse, Hindu, Egyptian, Christian, Mesopotamian and Buddhist mythology. It is a dazzling mix of 50 poems. The enchantment created by these short and enigmatic creations unfurls the beauty of each culture. Step into the world of irresistible and hypnotic charm with this unique bouquet of poetry!

A multi-talented 10-year-old Yoogesh makes his debut into the literary world with this collection of 50 acrostic poems on Mythology. Yoogesh is packed with curiosity and has been an avid reader since childhood. Pandemic has breathed life to his desktop and unboxed the creative genius in him. His curious soul has now embarked upon a journey of exploration. As he learns more about the world history, mythology and gadgets, he frantically wishes to put his thoughts into his creative box. The family tree of Chandra Vamsa prepared with LucidChart at the age of 8 speaks volumes about his diverse interests. Yoogesh’s passion for literature and tech can be tasted through his insightful blogs at and the website he developed
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