Adventures from Sea to Space
Adventures from Sea to Space
ISBN 9789395515399
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Explore the wonders of a Magical Park with two little girls. Plunge into deep oceans to meet mermaids and f ly beyond the clouds to reach the fairies. The two little girls next collect their cousins for a wonderous interplanetary tour. Make sure you get your ‘Space-Alien’ license before you drive out with Prajna for a crazy swinging journey through the planets!

Front Cover
1. The Wonder Park
2. My Incredible Solar System
Back Cover
Prajna Tagra is a promising little author who despite her tender age of eight, tends to be a perfectionist. A notable comedian with talkative and expressive nature, she takes the stage with her exceptional thespian instinct. She is a student of International Board (DPS International School, Delhi) with excellent oration skills. She is also a budding golfer and has keen interest in Bharatnatyam and acting. An imaginative yet critical thinker, she has woven a fictitious story around a ‘Wonder Park’, which would completely enchant the minds of young children. Her fascination with the mysteries of space and the solar system sparked the idea of a journey to the incredible solar system. This book gives us a peep into Prajna’s adventurous heart. She happens to be an incredibly voracious reader too.
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