From the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, emerges a polymathic figure, Sameer Gudhate, who has mastered a multitude of arts.

The book epitomizes a quiet, tortuous, and archetypical journey of a young lad in his teens. 

Step into the enchanting world of “A Rhyme in Time,” where every page is a portal to a universe where rhythm and poetry breathe life into every object, living or non-living. 

Divansh Bajaj, is a student at the British School, New Delhi.  Using his creative genius, he forged poetic lines to orchestrate a change and express his personal views on society and human behavior. 

Binod Shankar is an executive coach, blogger, platform speaker, and chartered accountant. Binod’s general advice is that one should work on oneself before setting out to influence the world around them.

Kersi Contractor (59) is a veteran film trade journalist, writer, and lyricist. He has been associated with Bollywood for 32 years

Chandra Bhushan Mishra is an engineer by profession and has worked in India and overseas. He has authored several books on telecom transmission, accounting as well as fiction, Hindi poetry, and short stories.

Vennelakanti Prakasam is a Telugu speaker of Telugurayapuram of PSR Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh

PAUL HENRY EBOH is an associate member of the International Society of Poets, USA, and a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors

Anusha Hansaria is a software engineer by profession, and an author and a blogger by passion. She discovered her passion for writing and started writing blogs.