Sanjay's debut book Miguel Hernandez fits perfectly in the imaginary realm of today’s youth. Miguel is the chosen one to protect the human race from cruel elimination.


The poems hover around surprising aspects of various human experiences and opinions through the years – both recent and past.

The book talks about a ten-story mansion, rich parents, and a caretaker who attends to his needs but has a lousy and dreadful attitude 

This spirited adventure is a tale of friendship and trust. The children and their faithful guide finally return home to a tumultuous welcome and merrymaking. 

The author of this fictional romance, Sophia J, has written two love stories. Both start at college, but go far beyond.

The book Purple You is a collection of the author’s poems about love. It talks about her exclusive writing journey and experiences and what makes poetry so fascinating.

Ashok Khanna is an alumnus of Mumbai University and has written for Indian television. He was responsible for translating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindi speeches into English in the book Turbulence and Triumph: The Modi Years

Quarter-life Chaos is a collection of thoughts about the worries, anxieties, joys, highs, lows that fill the mind of young adults. 

Vandana is an HR professional, a content writer by discipline, and a creative writer by passion. Vandana started her blog “vandanaspen” in 2019 and has completed more than 300 writing projects in poetry and story writing.




Rahul Subramanian is a second-year student pursuing Liberal Arts and Humanities. He is a die-hard romantic at heart!