Rahul Subramanian is a second-year student pursuing Liberal Arts and Humanities. He is a die-hard romantic at heart!

Arham Surana has always been quite inquisitive about India’s history, especially the mighty Rajputs.

Born Optimist, authored by Ramprasad Ramaswamy, was both inspired by his friends and is an accumulation of thoughts turned into a creative and productive manuscript.

Musings and Me is an insightful collection of poems penned by Riddhi Malhotra, who is wise beyond her years.

The book Deep Sleep Formula was designed to help readers understand ‘sleep’ much better and to encourage them to learn the techniques of taking charge of their sleep patterns.

'And I Passed My Boards Without Even Appearing For It' throws light on life under the duress of the global pandemic, the dilemma faced by school children and the way they react to this unwarranted change suddenly thrust at them to adapt instantly. 

Author and book writing coach, Vandana Sehgal, talks about her personal experiences while writing the book Write

Mrs. Neha Chenani Khanagwal works in the capacity of Assistant Manager in a leading Public Sector Bank.