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The Importance of Choosing a Font by Joseph Antoine

It’s Joseph’s twelfth year in Newgen. He is currently managing Aspen legal education, centralized art, and centralized manufacturing teams in Newgen. Joseph completed his Master’s in Business Administration at Pondicherry. He works on providing services starting from resizing an image to technical drawing or creating an infographic image.

In manufacturing services, Joseph takes complete responsibility for the post-production process of a title, right from sending the files to the printer to tracking the availability of files in bookstores and online publications.

In our interview with the team expert Joseph, we will learn more about how to choose fonts for your book…

What is the purpose of fonts?

Fonts make the written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. Fonts provide an attractive appearance and preserve the aesthetic value of the content. It plays a vital role in setting the overall tone of the work and ensures a great user experience.

What types of fonts are easy to read?

The factors to be considered when choosing fonts that are easy to read are legibility and availability. In general, Microsoft fonts such as those listed below are a good choice and will be accessible to many people within your audience:

  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • Georgia
  • Calibri
  • Open Sans

How should one choose a font for a novel?

Fonts that are easier on the reader’s eye and helps them speed read through long passages of text should be chosen for novels. Serif fonts, the ones with a decorative stroke at the end of each letter are, for example, easier to read than sans serif fonts.

Should the fonts complement each other?

Fonts have to complement one another. A good way to do this is to pair a serif with a sans-serif font or use a decorative font for the headings and balance it with neutrally designed font for the body text. 

What font size is best for a book?

Font size affects both the aesthetics and the word or page count. Large font sizes are easier to read than smaller fonts but may not be suitable for all audiences. The appropriate font size for a book should be selected based on its audience. 

How does font style affect the audience?

Everything about the text, from the sharpness of the shapes in the font to the colors, the size of the letters, and even the number of lines and spacing in each paragraph tells the reader what tone of voice to read the message in. Good typography influences readers by setting the right tone for the content or copy. Line spacing, book dimensions, and layout also play a role in the emotions a reader feels. When it comes to reading online, small font sizes and low-contrast fonts are the number one complaint by users. Keep in mind that the amount of light that reaches your retina drops by 50% by the time you hit age forty and drops to a mere 20% by age sixty.

What are decorative fonts?

Decorative fonts are highly decorated versions of sans serif, serif, script, and other font styles with an ornamental stroke or embellishment at the end of letters. They are often used in logos, billboards, posters, book covers, and headers to distinguish a brand. 

How do fonts convey emotion?

Font choice is an important part of design and can completely change the tone of a piece. The weight, texture, and shape of a font combine to determine how we perceive the text and play a large part in telling the story behind its message. The way readers respond to this visual effect emotionally can be manipulated through features of a design, such as colours and fonts.

How important is it to use web-safe fonts?

Web-safe fonts are typefaces that come pre-installed on the majority of computers and devices, regardless the of operating system. Using these fonts gives you the best chance of having your text appear as intended. 

Size, weight, and color contrast have a major impact as well. For instance, thin fonts are very difficult to read on screens, especially in paragraphs. 

When you use a custom font, it is possible that some of your visitors won’t have it installed. When this happens, the user will need to download it along with the rest of your website. As you can imagine, this will make the loading time slower, especially if you use more than one custom font. That’s definitely not a good thing…