Publishing is a team effort that relies on a range of different expertise. Book publishers do way more than print and sell books.

A reader must be able to read what they want from your book, and the details provided should be just enough to help them get what they expect, and nothing more.

A scene is a section of the entire story that contains a unique combination of settings. 

Self-publishing Novels is a feasible option growing in popularity, but there’s a lot to consider before you make your decision

Many budding authors these days, who cannot stand the time between writing a book and seeing it on shelves, are moving towards publishing their books themselves

Reading is becoming, undoubtedly digital. Audio is a new star in the publishing industry as sales soar across genres.

Book promoters offer marketing schemes to help your book become visible in the literary world. 

If you are a writer with a strong passion for comics, self-publishing provides creative control with free rein.

Getting copies of your stories into these bookworm hubs is not easy. But with the proper tactics, indie authors can do it.

Book Translation is an art strengthened by solid transfer principles learned through extensive training.