Young readers are always eager for new stories and discoveries. Use your creativity to publish a children’s book that will fuel their curiosity, spark their imagination and expand their understanding.

Regardless of the genre you’ve picked, suspense and tension are the strong forces that hook your readers into the story and keep up the interest.

There are many authors who have clearly pronounced literary voices and can be recognized in a single sentence. Writers wish that their script be captivating and inspiring.

Following a book design basic is a good place to start, before creating an actual book cover design! While emphasizing and aligning the contrast and repetition...

You get a single chance to create a first impression in your reader’s mind.

Translation is an art underpinned by solid “transfer” principles that can only be learned through extensive training or experience.

“There is no one path to authorship, as every writer’s journey is unique.”

Mistakes in writing can detract quality readers in terms of the overall impression one expectsfroma published book.

"A picture indicates at one glance, what might be spread over ten pages in a book." It’s worth a thousand words.

Writing a poetry book requires determination, endurance, and a lot of patience with yourself.