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Feel Teenage: Q&A with author Hussain Hassan

The book epitomizes a quiet, tortuous, and archetypical journey of a young lad in his teens. As teenage is rife with an infinite number of possibilities, aspirations, ambitions, dreams, expectations, and inspirations, this book imbibes in us the vicarious feel of how bumpy a teenage journey can be. 

In our interview today, the author walks us through those twists and turns that a teenager encounters, and instead of being bogged down by the milieu, he rises to the occasion and finds a vent to dispose of his worries and find peace and harmony in unexpected times. The author pens down all his emotions lest the emotions get the worst of him…

What does your book imbibe?

My book tries to absorb the current contemplations of the youth, especially those who are having a battle with their life. 

Is your book written based on life’s experiences or is it fiction?

As a teen, I know how the youth thinks and what they have become. I would say that it's life's experience and not fiction.

What does this piece of writing epitomize?

As we can notice and figure out by the title of this book, "Feel Teenage". it positively epitomizes that every teenager should not relinquish longing and he/she should be encouraged towards his/her destination. This book portrays the emotions and sentiments of a teenager’s journey through his teens. 

Does the teenager rise from the twists and turns encountered?

Well, it's quite obvious that it is really difficult to understand teens. They think that their life is the toughest as they encounter and have to solve trials on a daily basis. Since the twists are new to them, teens rise from the twists and turn each day around.

To dispose of the worries of the young lad, what type of vent is the story referring to?

The story is about overcoming difficulties and hardships teenagers face and which they fail to share with someone who listens to them. It guides a young lad to put his disturbing thoughts and ideas on paper if there is no one he can share them with; the paper can absorb all their thoughts and beliefs, make them feel good and help them overcome their adverse situations.

How can teenagers tap the immense potential that lies dormant in them?

As technology is so perfectly built today that everyone knows how to use it, I feel teenagers must try out some skills, and find their actual potential.

What type of audience do you recommend this book for?

This book is mainly recommended for teens, but young parents are also welcome to read it to understand their children better. Good luck!

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