Writing fatigue happens even to the best of writers. Writing is physically easy, but it can greatly impact your mind. You must know when to take a break and how to do it correctly. 

A self-publishing book plan aims to explain the book-building basics for writers new to publishing. 

E-books are an increasingly popular alternative to all types of physical books. Although e-books are promising, there is a struggle with online piracy. 

A well-built device usage can elevate prose from meagre to magnificent.

Ghostwriting is a tried and reliable profession and a powerful way to get content written when you do not have the time or talent to do it. 

While the front cover of your book can catch your reader's attention, the back cover lets you keep it!

Blogging is the perfect way to experiment with your writing style. You can use a blog to present as your author platform and market your work. 

Before you send your manuscript to an editor and have it published, you must run it through a high-quality grammar check like ProWritingAid to detect and fix grammar issues. 

Writing schedules can transform not just the quality of your work but your career as an author

Publishing is a team effort that relies on a range of different expertise. Book publishers do way more than print and sell books.