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Purple You : Q&A with Author Kirtipriya Jha

The book Purple You is a collection of the author’s poems about love. In this Q&A session, the author talks about her exclusive writing journey and experiences and what makes poetry so fascinating.

What does the title Purple You mean?

It is a term coined by Kim Taehyung and which means I will love and cherish you for a long time, and somehow this quote just caught my eye because of its deep meaning…

Did you want to be a poet or did it just happen by chance? 

I am not sure... I was always fascinated by rhyming words, which used to make me happy. It was totally by chance. I just used to write as a hobby, and before I knew I had written enough to make a book out of it.

Does poetry follow a specific writing format? 

Not really... It is just strong emotions arising. Some people prefer it to rhyme while some convey more emotions without rhyming it... Both of them are beautiful in their ways.

How high or low are your emotions while writing poems? 

Both... Sometimes I will be on top of the world, happy and cheerful but sometimes just nothing goes right.  I try to convey that through my writing using word choice, acoustics, and imagery. 

Is your lover ‘the one you have mentioned in your poetry’– real or imaginary?

In poetry, imagery is a vivid and vibrant form of description that appeals to readers' senses and imagination. In my book, many of them are a product of my imagination but some are inspired by real-time emotions.

What kind of privilege does poetry hold? 

Well, poetry has the power to capture and communicate a message like no other form of art. Writing poetry is a way to make someone feel special, like putting all the words which you can never say in your day-to-day conversation. It is also a form of art that is accessible to everyone.

Do you think someone could be a poet if they don’t have strong feelings?

Poetry is a way to express your feelings and thoughts, and it can create a strong connection with other people. Everybody has strong feelings; some people are good at expressing them through words.

Is writing your full-time career or would you like it to be one?

Well, I love writing. It is one of my hobbies. I write whenever I get a chance. Therefore, I wouldn’t mind if it becomes my full-time career too.