The author Jyoti Sharma is a postgraduate and loves to write quotes, poems, and stories.  Her book is contemporary fiction with romance, love, and mystery

The conscious contribution the writer Priyanka has made is in being a faithful scribe to the muse of her dreams and giving the title for each chapter

Author Dr K. Padmini hails from Sivakasi. She is one of the famous Hindi poets of Tamil Nadu.

The author Aditya Singh is a full-time writer. His book The Caterpillar begins with a teaser and continues as the author coaxes his super-wealthy host to divulge more of his life story. 

Reshma Bhattacharya writes poems, short stories, and blogs to express her thoughts. It’s her favourite pastime

Suraj hails from a village in Uttarakhand. His poem is an effort taken to convey some of life’s messages. 

Jyoti Sharma, the author of the book, is a post-graduate who lives in Delhi with her family. She likes to write quotes, poems, and stories.

Cook with Namrata Sarmah is a collection of 20 unique and easy recipes by Chef Namrata Sarmah. 

Rise up Deborah is a timely resource offering encouragement to women who have felt called by God into some form of authorized ministry

Police in Blunderland, written by Bibhuti Dash, is all about life experiences and incidents at work including policing, a corporate career, United Nations deputations, social and societal issues