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The Soul’s Fuel: Q&A with author Anusha Hansaria

Anusha Hansaria is a software engineer by profession, and an author and a blogger by passion. She discovered her passion for writing and started writing blogs. 

She loves to travel, listen to music, and read novels and prefers expressing herself by writing rather than talking about it. 

In our Q&A session with the author, we will learn more about her innermost thoughts and perceptions of her manuscript…

What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

It was my sister-in-law’s wedding anniversary. When she married and started staying with us, I felt so blessed to have her. In her, I found a younger sister (which I never had) and a friend I was missing when I got married and shifted to a new place altogether. So, during this occasion, I uploaded a post stating this and realized that it was so much easier to express my feelings in words than I would have ever been able to express verbally.

Is the book an inspiration from your life or a story based on figments of the characters’ imagination to explain certain important life aspects?

It is both. I have taken some inspiration from my life and modified it a little to bring out the topic's essence; some are entirely figments of my imagination.

Do you believe that flexibility is the key to a happy and peaceful life?

Yes, I do. Things cannot always happen the way we want them to be. The best way to be happy is to accept the change it brings and move on.

Do you agree with the statement ‘The only reason the world was a better place during your childhood is because you were a child?

Yes, absolutely. Why does a child always seem happy once their basic requirements (like hunger or discomfort) are met? It is because a child does not have any expectations from anything. It can find joy with as basic a thing as a utensil. As we grow up, we keep having several expectations from our surroundings. And when these expectations are not met, we feel the world is the worst place to live.

How passionate are you about not just writing but reading too?

My passion for reading encouraged me to write. I have always admired how a writer makes us see and feel the things in their story with just words! I admire how an author plays with words to unfold any mystery in the plot. It made me realize how powerful words are. It gave me the dream of using the power of words to express myself. It made me start dreaming of becoming an author someday.

“It’s the unknown that draws people” - Could you elaborate?

Sure! Suppose a box is kept as a showpiece over some cabinet in your house. High chances are that we will not even think of opening it to check what is inside. But now, suppose someone tells us not to open that box. Will you be able to resist it? Will not the thought of what may be inside it make it difficult for you to concentrate on anything else? You will be able to find peace only once you have got the chance to have a small peek inside that box.

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our heart.” How would you acknowledge this statement?

When I had gone to give the first interview of my life, right after my graduation, I was waiting for my turn with an accelerated heartbeat, and my palms were all sweaty with anxiety and nervousness. It was my dream company, and I wanted to clear the interview. Just then, one guy who used to work in that company approached me and started enquiring about some basic information. Just then my name was called, and as I was collecting my belongings to proceed towards the interview room, he told me with a warm smile to just be myself and answer whatever they ask without being nervous, and I am sure to crack it. The statement is very normal and is what anyone usually says to ease nervousness. But this coming from a stranger I had just met and at the time I needed it the most, it always stayed with me. And I did crack the interview that day.

Do you think your readers will recommend your book to their friends and family?

This book is all about positivity. If I do not believe in it, I cannot preach about it, right? So, yes. I am certain my readers will recommend my book to their friends and family. The instances that I have mentioned in the book are something that everyone can relate to. It is something we all face in our day-to-day lives.

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