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Promote Your Self-Published Book into Libraries

You walk into a library and see so many books ready to be checked out - many of them being bestsellers! Getting copies of your stories into these bookworm hubs is not easy. But with the proper tactics, indie authors can do it.

Let us see how authors can get their eBooks, physical copies, or audiobooks into libraries. Here are some steps that can help books enter the library circulation. Having your physical book in a library is a huge thrill and a big goal for many authors.

Here is what to do-


Check out the public library website to find out if they have a system for accepting self-published books into their circulation. Also, know which books are in the highest demand at their library.

Get prepared-

Once you have checked the local library policy and your book is available via a wholesaler, it is time to prepare all your documentation. Libraries will need to know about your book to decide if it’s right for their branch.

Develop a Sell Sheet-

The best way to prove your book is up to the mark is by creating a sell sheet. Create a basic sheet including your book’s cover, title, publisher and available formats, pricing, a brief description of the book, why it will appeal to library users or awards, and how to order it. The info can be designed and printed as a one-page sell sheet that you can take with you if meeting librarians in person.

Represent your book with honesty and brag. Address the contacts personally and show you care.

Persuade a little-

If you pitch the library via email, include links to your profile on your publisher’s website, your own author’s website, and your social media channels.

For easy reference, compile your review links, pictures of your book’s cover, social media links, and photos of any author events you’ve done. If other libraries have already bought your book, mention it. The notification will help validate the quality and desirability of your book.

Exhibit what you have-

As most librarians work on tight budgets, they will order books sure to appeal to their readers. They will incline towards books with a high number of 5-star book reviews.

Do you have a ton of great reviews to share? Then include that in your sell sheet.

Another strategy for developing book credibility is to get a review of the same, to be published by a journal. Librarians often look for these as a sign of legitimacy. If journals like Library Journal and Publishers Weekly accept your book, they will charge you to have their staff read and review it.

Offer to do an event-

An extra boost that may be beneficial to your cause is hosting a local library event. It also never hurts to have family and friends support the cause. If you host an approved author event, ensure your attendance is through the roof! Have a house-full event and show the library the local community excitement that may surround your book.

Let libraries know you are happy to do author reading and book signing.

It’s a win-win: you get more exposure, and the library offers programs for its community members. Do your part to promote your appearance, as you want to ensure good attendance at your author’s reading.

The benefit of having your book stocked by libraries is that - the boost to credibility will lead to more exposure and sales.