Unblessed Love
Unblessed Love
Love doesn’t go anywhere...people do...
Subject(s): Romance, Marriage
ISBN 9789395986618
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  Pages 52





A HAPPY MARRIED LIFE, a loving and caring husband, a beautiful daughter to dote upon – but is that mind? She hasn’t kept her old flame alive alive er marrying Peter, but then she could never forget Mandy even for a day. The essence of that fi rst love remains fresh in her mind. Now Mandy is in coma and the doctor prescribes a loving touch to bring him back to life, will Sallie be able to get past her marital bonds and gift a new life to Mandy? Will she live up to her commitments and priorities in life! Let’s read the story of an Unblessed Love.

GURLEEN KAUR fell in love with books at a young age and never recovered. Today, she is pursuing her dream of being a published author, along with the multitudinous demands of a purposeful life. When she is not surrounding herself with words you can fi nd her providing jobs to aspirants since her full-time profession deals with hiring and recruitment. Alone time is necessary for her because solitude helps in sustaining her inner peace. Besides being a freelance writer and a full-time recruiter, Gurleen is a fan of Virginia Woolf novels. She wants to live in the hearts of people. With a fetish for conjuring magnifi cent scenes and etching heartfelt characters, she wants to enchant and inspire readers to feel confi dent, strong and special about who they are, who they love and how it feels to be loved because love doesn’t go anywhere, people do…
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