The Tales of Zariah
The Tales of Zariah
ISBN 9789395986489
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The Tales of Zariah is a story of a brave young girl. It demonstrates her grit and determination, and her journeys to rescue her friends from peril. Zariah finds herself in a tricky situation when her friends go missing. She tries asking around for help, but everyone seems to be acting ... well, a bit different. Zariah, a 12-year-old tweenager, must figure out why everyone is acting strange, and must also find her friends before something terrible happens to them. She does not accept ‘no’ for an answer and in the process discovers her own identity and what it means to have friends who care for and support each other. Zariah is ready to take the plunge in search of her friends and is prepared to go to any extent to fulfill her mission, which shows her will-power. She gets lost in a labyrinth, walks for miles, has no good leads and yet she stops at nothing to try and save those close to her. Her main challenge is that she has no help from any adult, no external support, and no means of communication. She must be resilient, careful, and courageous. Whoever kidnaps her friends must have bigger plans. She must foil these malicious plans and watch her back as she embarks on a challenging journey.Will she be able to go through this alone, or will she end up being captured as well? Read to find out.

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Avantika Jain Kumar was born in Hong Kong to parents in the field of law. She has been a student at Sanskriti School in New Delhi since nursery. She is 15-years old, and wrote this book when she was 12. Avantika is passionate about reading, writing, and travelling. She has attained proficiency in music and dance, and pursues performing arts as a hobby. She has been learning Kathak, a classical Indian dance form, since she was 8. Now a fourth-year student in Kathak, she has performed on stage on many occasions. She enjoys playing football, listening to music, and is a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Early this year, Avantika was selected to pursue a Study Abroad Program at Brown University in which she attended a course on “An Introduction to Game Theory”. She enjoys reading books, especially fiction. One of her favourite book series is “Heroes of Olympus” by Rick Riordan. She enjoys watching YouTubers such as ZHC and Moriah Elizabeth. Taylor Swift is her idol who has profoundly inspired her musically and personally. As an avid traveller, she has visited many countries, including Bhutan, China, Indonesia, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, UK and USA.
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