Nazmon Ka Silsila
Nazmon Ka Silsila
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Hindustan - the golden bird' has always attracted countless countries in the world due to its rich history, art and culture. The result of this was that India had to face foreign invasions for many years. India spent many years leading a life of slavery. But India stood up again. Then the heights of India touched the sky. But it is a matter of great sadness that today , especially among the young generation, India's culture and art, India's beauty and astonishing history are not given the level of respect that we should give. I want to promote India's vanishing culture, tradition and civilization through my poems. It is my best effort to describe the heroic stories of India in my poetry and to reach out to the new generation. I hope that soon we understand the importance of India and give her the respect and love dhr deserves.

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सरस्वती माँ
मेरा देश
आत्म गौरव का गढ़ – चित्तौड़गढ़
राम का अयन – रामायण
मेवाड़ की गूंज
हिंदुस्तान – मंज़र-ए-हसीं
कृष्ण की लीला
मोहम्मद रफ़ी –“तुमसा नहीं देखा”
हर हर महादेव
पाँच अपराजित योद्धा
फ़ौजी और माटी
धर्म का महायुद्ध
कश्मीर –​ हुस्न-​ए-​जन्नत
हर गर्दिश को झेल जाएगा
राजस्थान की आवाज़
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What I read, what I see, what I hear, I try my best to describe in my own words through my poetry. I am Aham Surana, a student of class 12th ,Modern School Vasant Vihar Delhi. My first poem was Maharana Pratap. I found this journey of writing poetry very interesting and fascinating, and also inspired me to write more and more poems. I have written most of my poems in class 10th and 11th. This beautiful journey has been possible only with the blessings of God. I thank my parents for always encouraging me and guiding me at the right time. I am also thankful to my teachers. Lastly, I am also grateful to all the family members and friends who have always supported me in every possible way.
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