Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez
And the World’s Rebirth
ISBN 9789395515443
 Publication Date
  Pages 160





The destruction of the world is imminent. Miguel is the chosen one to protect the human race from the cruel elimination. He faces a hard quest of finding and collecting five magical artifacts and defeating the evil wizard, Tomultus. The hero faces daunting challenges in the form of evil sorcerers, giant snakes, golems, and blood-hungry werewolves. Luckily, Miguel has a loyal retinue to fight alongside – Jack, an archer as quick as a blink, and Regulus, a sorcerer full of incredible magic. Grab the book to be a witness to Miguel’s heroic efforts. Will the hero survive the onslaught and rid the earth of this curse? Will he continue to be the eternal guardian of this beautifulcreation!

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Front Matter
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Title page
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Chapter Int-null
Hello, Demon
Pranks on a Tuesday
Guys from the Matrix
A Bunch of Snails Almost Kill Us
Quest Time!
Hello, Skelet-AAAAAAHHHH
That Is the Coolest Thing Ever
Just Keep Swimming
Griefers? Really?
When All Hope Seems Lost
The Tortillas … YUM!
Defense Is the Best Offense
Shield Up!
Why Fuzball, Why?
Smoke and Lies
The Truth
Say What!!
I’m Afraid of Heights
I … Expected a Parade
End Matter
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Sanjay is imaginative and witty. He is an incredible mix of five spices – charm, intelligence, creativity, language, and energy. This perfect blend of right qualities gives rise to his perfect story. His narrative has the power to transport young minds to a bewitching world of sheer awe. Sanjay has a way with words and is a remarkable raconteur. His debut book Miguel Hernandez fits perfectly in the imaginary realm of today’s youth.
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