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Brought up on a farm, Mavis Woods’ life has always been simple and slow. But things take a sudden turn for her when she and her best friend Walter fi nd themselves stranded in Mrindawa, a magical island, in 1500 BCE. They learn that to get back home, they need the Bronze Time-Machine. The problem? It lies in the hands of a power-hungry group, who will stop at nothing to conquer Mrindawa. 16Leaves takes pride in supporting independent writers of all ages to publish their books. Publish your book, your way.

Manaswini is a fun-loving thirteen-year-old girl.She is often in her own world and spends most of her time daydreaming. Her books are a result of her daydreams and head-in-the-clouds attitude. Apart from writing, she enjoys making digital art and doodles. She is often very quiet, but with her friends, she can’t stop talking. She is fascinated by the natural world and has a love for it. Over the years, she has cared for many animals. She lives in a cosy home surrounded by trees in India, with her parents and her brother.
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