Let’s Get Real
Let’s Get Real
42 Tips for the Stuck Manager
ISBN 9789395264167
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"Work on yourself before you set out to influence the world around you. In this no-holds barred, fiercely inspirational and relentlessly practical book, Binod dives into the essential areas to unfurl your career potential – knowing yourself, managing yourself, managing others and managing transitions. Let’s get Real guides you towards transforming your career to transform your life!

‘There is so much good advice in this book that it seems invidious to single out specific items. I know of no better guide to life’s challenges and to their solutions than Binod successful entrepreneur, coach, mentor, volunteer, podcast star!’ ∼ Paul Smith, CFA, (Past President and CEO of CFA Institute)

Chapter I Knowing Yourself
1. Know your values
2. How to ensure you fit in
3. Twelve signs that indicate you need to boost self-awareness
Chapter II Managing Yourself
4. Take charge of your career
5. How coaching can propel your career
6. How to get the best out of coaching
7. Be interested to be interesting
8. Adapt and thrive
9. Blow your trumpet bigly (aka talk the walk)
10. The importance of having your opinion
11. Reading books as a leadership habit
12. Surround yourself with the right people
13. A healthy body for impactful leadership
14. The upside of self-motivation
15. Leverage the bountiful blessings of long experience
16. How to stand out from the crowd
17. Overcoming the paralysis through analysis syndrome
18. Why you must be disagreeable (aka Nice Guys often Finish Last)
19. How to play your uniqueness as an asset
20. Think before you talk
21. Are you busy or productive?
22. How to play corporate Game of Thrones
23. The science of dealing with jerks
24. A great future doesn’t require a great past
Chapter III Managing Others
25. How to hire assets, not liabilities
26. The fine art of delegation
27. How not to be a jerk
28. Humor — an underestimated leadership skill
29. Trust to get the best
30. How to craft your distinctive management style
31. Why leaders must be darn good storytellers
32. The power of awesome appreciation
33. Authentic leadership — fake it but you won’t make it
34. Learn from the greats
Chapter IV Managing Transitions
35. How to unstuck yourself in mid-career
36. My transition story # 1 — employee to entrepreneur
37. My transition story # 2 — entrepreneur to freelancer
38. What else can you be great at?
39. Lessons from successful transitions
40. Wise up before starting up
41. The science of strategic quitting
42. From manager to C-suite
Appendix Mental Toughness: The Concept
Binod Shankar is an executive coach, blogger, platform speaker, the host of ‘The Real Finance Mentor podcast’ and appears frequently on CNBC Arabia and Asharq Bloomberg. After a long career at KPMG, Andersen, EY et al, he turned entrepreneur to run the largest CFA prep provider in the MENA region which was later acquired by Kaplan Inc. Binod is a Chartered Accountant, a CFA charter holder and holds the Level 7 Qualification in Coaching and Mentoring from ILM, the UK body. He’s also an endurance athlete who cycles long distance and climbs big mountains.
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