Musings . . . And Me
Musings . . . And Me
Subject(s): Poetry, General
ISBN 9789394530430
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  Pages 96




An insightful collection of poems by Author Riddhi Malhotra.

At 18, Riddhi Malhotra is wise beyond her years. Currently pursuing Economics from Delhi University, she could even be termed complex with a keen sense for learning! With varied interests ranging from debating to swimming to travelling to reading…the list can go on but to put it simply discovering and learning are what give her true joy. Always curious, always seeking, mostly calm (God forbid you see her fiery side!) she strongly advocates diligence and following one’s gut as cornerstones to success. Riddhi likes to be surrounded by friends and is always ready to listen with an open mind. With a wit like hers, you can count on many an entertaining conversation. Yet the wittiest are also those with a deep sense of empathy and moral responsibility. The same is true for her. Not always very vocal about her feelings, she courageously sought to embark on this journey by penning her thoughts, a humble experiment to hone her artistic side and seek tranquility. She lives in Panipat with her family (and cuddly furry buddies) and hopes to use her education and degree in the domains of International affairs and human rights
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