Dullu Di-Dum aur Tantali
Dullu Di-Dum aur Tantali
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Dear children, I am Panchjanya Batra. For several years, I have been an advocate engaged in court-related work, however my actual interest lies in writing. I have published many books, but this is my first work in Children’s fiction. I am from Delhi where I practice Law full time. One day I got a call from Pikati-Anokha-Jum-Jungle, where I was invited to come to solve a case. By the way, that jungle is lost for human beings, and it is impossible to reach there without a special invite from the jungle-dwellers. The bear who came to pick me up at Terai station, told me that this forest has been kept secret from humans to keep it safe. After crossing many rivers, snowy mountains, and plains of the Himalayas, I reached the forest with extreme difficulty. I wonder if anyone else would be able to ever find such a dangerous forest ever! After reaching the beautiful forest, I became friends with Dullu Di-Dum and Tantli and their mother and was graciously invited to stay in their home. Their mother had a very sweet and unique way of narrating interesting stories to them, as a medium to show her children the way to lead a better life. The jungle world is as modern as ours, but they lead a simpler life in complete harmony with nature. Mankind only thinks about its own development, but in the jungle all species have equal protection, facilities, and rights. I heard wonderful stories there and narrated the same to my children upon returning home, and lest I forget, I also wrote them all down. After a decade, it has now been published for you.

शीर्षक पेज
कॉपीराइट पेज
माँ की सुनाई कथाओं की तालिका
1. कोयल का बेबी
2. सुनहरा परदा
3. टर्रम का अभ्या स
4. गुरुजी की भूल
5. ताई के लड्डू
6. टोकरी में छल्ली-छौली
7. बाँटने का सुख
8. राजा की अंगूठी
9. चुगलखोर गौरैया
10. मि त्र के पास
11. काचड़पुर का पिशाच
12. सुवि धा से असुविधा
Panchajanya Batra Singh
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