Magnoliavum Veru Sirukadhaikalum
Magnoliavum Veru Sirukadhaikalum
Subject(s): Fiction, Short Stories
ISBN 9789393902030
 Publication Date
  Pages 188



Most of the stories in this collection were written by famous French writers such as Eugene Fraffey, Remy de Gourmand, and Anatole from France. The stories cover a wide range of topics touching people’s lives. They focus on certain subtle aspects of life, such as strangeness, unpredictability, and human perversion, and emphasize emotions such as love, humor, and spirituality. The short story "Magnolia", the namesake of this book reflects on the topic of spirituality.

Writer Rohini Jagannathan is a multi-talented personality. She has authored several translated books in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Russian. She has played a very important role in developing children’s literature, having written more than 40 books so far. His paternal grandfather was the writer R.N who was the editor of several newspapers such as Jaihind, Hindustan and Suthanthira Sangu. Rohini.J, who is deeply involved in spirituality and public service, has started a social welfare trust in the name of her late father N. Krishnan and has been serving the people through this organisation. Her interests include book publishing, library setting, and ensuring the welfare of children, women, and the elderly.
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