Bharatanatyam in Tamil Nadu
Bharatanatyam in Tamil Nadu
After A.D. 1200
Subject(s): Non-Fiction, Dance
ISBN 9789390508532
 Publication Date
  Pages 170




This book Bharatanatyam in Tamilnadu is based on the author's doctoral thesis. A Bharatanatyam recital today is a joy to behold for all connoisseurs. The art has evolved and developed over many years. Changes have been made at different points of time in history. There are root causes for the various styles and patterns we see today. This book's intent is to record these changes for posterity and provide an insight into the history of Indian culture. In order to study the effects of a particular period on dance, a detailed note on the history, music, literature, sculpture, of that period is also considered. . It also gives an idea about the personalities who patronised and helped the art to flourish

Dr. Kalarani was a performing artist and now a teacher. This book reflects her knowledge of the theory and nuances of the art of dance and is certain to be a useful compendium for aspiring students of the art. Dr. Kalarani has dealt with the subject at two levels: one historical and the other aesthetic. It is great consolation for the lovers of art to know that ardent students like Dr. Kalarani have preserved true tradition and added flavour of novelty within reasonably permissible limits.
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