Cloud Walker
Cloud Walker
Subject(s): Poetry,
ISBN 9789390508495
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Poetry is the essence of identity, encompassing everything from how we float through some days to how we fall through the cracks of others. Cloud Walker is an anthology of poems that weaves words into the feelings those days carry, from being up in the clouds to the deep retreat into the ground that we all need once in a while. This book hopes to be the wings to all your feelings and memories, to understand the misunderstood, to comfort the lonely, and most importantly, to bring you a smile. Enjoy the ride!

Born in 2005, Ananya V. Ganesh’s love for books started at a tender age and she became a voracious reader over the years. She first began writing as a 7 year old, letting her imagination take shape in the form of numerous poems, skits and short stories, leading up to her becoming a published author of 9 Chocolatey Bites, a short story collection, in 2016 and Dancing Kites, an anthology of poems, in 2019. Ananya penned her thoughts as she saw the world change during the pandemic, in her 3rd book, Cloud Walker, an anthology of poems. In herfree time, one can usually find Ananya reading, writing orlistening to the same songs on repeat, blissfully unaware aboutthat ink blotch on her nose.
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