Ria’s Enchanted World
Ria’s Enchanted World
Subject(s): Fiction, Fantasy
ISBN 9789390508105
 Publication Date
  Pages 46




The series of engaging stories of Ria’s Enchanted World, shows us that when there are genuine, little helpful souls serving the world, even the unkindest of monsters fail to cause them harm. Whether it is the thrill of the jungle where the animals are ready to sacrifice their lives for angelic souls or whether it is the story of innocent guilt of a child who couldn’t resist stealing laddoos --- we enjoy them all. Take a ride through the enchanted world of evil witches and experience how brave little children save their friends from devils. Explore Ria’s world to discover what happens when you fall into an old bag, placed in the attic, or when you lose your way into a dense forest. Want to read how little Lolly saves herself from the fearsome fox! Get lost in the make-believe world of Ria and her fantastic cocktails of finely woven fairy tales.

Ria is an artistic soul who is keen on sharing her little collection of fantastically woven stories with the world. Her world of imagination comprises magical fairies, cunning witches, loving animals and helpful common folks. Ria, now aged twelve, studies in the eighth standard in Zion International Public School, Tambaram, Chennai. She is gifted with a genuine flair for storytelling and has been penning her fictions right from the tender age of 10. Her thoughts teach us to celebrate the values of life and also make us feel exalted and liberated when goodness prevails over evil.
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