Uncovering the Mystery of Alien Light Speed Flying Saucers
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Uncovering the Mystery of Alien Light Speed Flying Saucers explores the flight principle of light speed aircraft commonly known as flying saucers, from the perspective of physics. The principle of flying saucers is provided by the “Unified Field Theory” theory introduced by the author. The chapters bring to light that the basic principle of flying saucers is a form of motion with changes in mass. At present, human theory of relativity, Newtonian mechanics, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics can do nothing about it. Starting from the principle of flying saucers, the book explains some incredible phenomena such as the lack of sound, high maneuverability, and levitation during the high-speed flying of saucers, primarily focussing on the momentum formula P=m (C-V) in unified field theory.

1.What exactly is a UFO?
2.Do aliens also use UFOs on their own planet?
3.What is the flight principle of an alien UFO?
4.The dynamic equation of a flying saucer
5.Do flying saucers require enormous energy?
6.Will it take 50 years for people from an alien planet 50 light-years away to come to Earth?
7.What do aliens use to measure the distance and position between their planet and Earth?
8.What do aliens use to communicate with interstellar flying saucers on their planet?
9.How many spacetime states does a UFO have?
10.How to drive a UFO?
11.What are the shapes of flying saucers?
12.Why is a UFO shaped like a plate?
13.Where is the power part of the UFO?
14.Why is the door of the UFO open at the bottom?
15.How is the flying direction of a UFO determined?
16.How did the UFO fly when it reached the sky above Earth? How did you drive it again?
17.Why is the UFO rubbing against the air without any sound?
18.Why can’t the infrared equipment of the aircraft detect the temperature of the flying saucer?
19.Are there any special requirements for the materials used to manufacture flying saucers?
20.Why can a UFO levitate?
21.Flying saucers have extremely high acceleration, how can the passengers inside bear it?
22.Why does a UFO have high speed and high maneuverability? Why can I turn at a right angle
23.Is UFO safe?
24.Why does a UFO have a strong magnetic field?
25.Is there any sound during the takeoff of the UFO?
26.Did the UFO take off directly from the ground?
27.Why does a UFO have strange light?
28.How does a UFO make its mass zero?
29.How to understand the zero mass and wall piercing effect of flying saucers?
30.Is there a large flying saucer with a diameter of thousands of kilometers?
31.Why do flying saucers have different sizes?
32.Why does a UFO have radiation?
33.Why can flying saucers appear and disappear?
34.Can extraterrestrial flying saucers interfere with human consciousness?
35.Why are Earthlings’ weapons helpless against UFOs?
36.Can humans now create flying saucers?
37.What is the significance of developing extraterrestrial flying saucers?
38.When will aliens talk to us Earthlings?
39.Why is there a UFO that is an important symbol of planetary civilization?
40.How much does it cost to create an alien UFO?
41.Is the principle of flying a UFO piloted by different aliens the same?
42.Is there any information on UFO phenomenon in foreign archives publicly available?
43.Are there any UFOs left on Earth with accidents caused by aliens?
44.Why can’t I see the driving system and instruments inside the UFO?
45.What is the situation inside the UFO?
46.What does the outer shell of an alien UFO look like up close?
47.Why does a UFO emit cold light?
48.What physical equations are involved in humans creating flying saucers?
49.How do UFOs guard against us earthlings?
50.Interpretation of the Cangzhou Air Force’s pursuit of UFOs in 1998
51.Before Zhang Xiang, what trouble did you cause by spreading alien UFOs?
ZHANG XIANGQIAN, is a native of Lujiang County, Anhui Province, China, farmer, junior high school level, born in 1967. In 1985, he traveled to an alien planet with highly developed technology for a month, and learned the essential mysteries of the alien universe, time, space, mass, charge, field, speed of light, energy and force. The four forces of the universe are written in an equation, and the core secrets of the universe, the unified field theory, the theory of the information field of the universe space, the secret of the speed of light flying saucer, and the artificial field scanning technology are obtained. Now he lives in Erlongxin Street, Tongda Town, Lujiang County, and makes a living by welding and repairing bicycles. In his spare time, he promotes the scientific theory of aliens and artificial field scanning technology.
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