The Candle And Moth
ISBN 9788119316564
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With the single touch of Love, the dead heart gains life and last desire remains only Beloved. After being exiled from every place, the best and safe place is custody of Beloved. A lover crosses all limitations of time and fate, breaks traditions and norms in order to come close to Him. There are hundreds of accusations upon him, but they have no effect on his love. The tale of love is divine and called the story of Candle and moth. Where the last and only desire of moth is to turn into ashes in the fire of Candle. The lover also yearns to become empty and bear nothing than the union with of Beloved. He calls that fire the fire of salvation that frees him from all odds of time and takes to another state of elation. Since love infuses life in dead and gives rise to flight of eternity.

In this book named as The Candle and Moth there are poetic tales of love written in profoundness. In different ways calling the Master to appear, as the pain of separation afflicts. It also carries odes of Friendship, Nature, life and fate.

While going through this beautiful tome of Poems, one can feel the fire of love, if love has touched his/ her heart and the passion will bloom like blossoms of spring in the Way Of Beloved.

1.God Knows Everything Right
2.In The Angel’s Lap
3.The Time Of Now Is Different
4.Take A Kiss From My Lips
5.From The Voice Of Master
6.Love For Not A Cause
7.Two Demons
8.Half Of Life Passed In Search Of Friend
9.Keep Your Minds Clean
10.Love, I Will Grow Insane
11.I Wander Alone In Valley
12.I Saw You From Aloof
13.Take My Tears And Water That Rose
14.Those Ways
15.I’m A Rose
16.I Stood And Still Stand Alone
17.The Memory Of My Friend
18.A Slave
19.Void Road
20.Fruit Of Patience
21.I Swear By This Night
22.The Canday
23.The Bulbul
24.A Single Glass Of Wine
25.Now Slowly And Slowly
26.I Tore Thread Of Eyes From World
27.In The Arrival Of King
28.He Asked To Complain
29.To The Great Man
30.I Took A Glass Of Milk
31.Silence Is Melody
32.I Call Ali And Ali(a.s)
33.The Coo Coo
34.My Eyes Are Searching You
35.The God Does Not Come In Eyes
36.The Beauty Didn’t Steel My Eyes
37.Candle And Moth
38.Oh! Love Burn Deep
39.Birds On Window
40.When You Enter My Heart
41.I Demolished The Town Of My Heart
42.How Shall I Mourn Over Dead Sorrow
43.The Flag Of Death
44.The Sorrow
45.The Master Spirit
46.The Devil Thief
47.This World Has Two Kings
48.Remove The Seclusion
49.The Moon And The Poet
50.I Drink The Wine Of Love
51.Love Makes Life Grow
52.Flag Of Death(2)
54.Lips And Ears
55.Your Journey
56.I Remember
57.The Night Is A Place, I Think I Have Seen
58.Since The Time Of Year
59.My Neighbours
60.The Token Of God
61.Dust And Dust
62.Three Shadows And Three Horses
63.After The Death Of Poet
64.The Time of Now
65.The New Rover
66.The Current And Scent
67.If Love Goes Beyond Reason
68.Delicate Moon
69.Your Place Is High
70.Mother Nature
71.Like The Sunrise
72.The God Friend
73.Wide Eyes
74.You Too Will Overcome
75.The Dove
76.The Mother
77.Love Is Wine
78.The Bird And Cage
79.I’m Fair
80.They Say You Are Crazy And Insane
81.I Am Hungry Of Death
82.When I Open My Mouth And Utter
83.I Died Hungry
84.A Painting
85.I Remember Your Caress
86.You Are My First Poem
87.To The One God
88.To My Love
89.I Have An Aim
90.In Your Praise
91.The Candle Of Hope
92.When The Spring Came
93.When I Walk, I Walk Alone
94.I Was Alone In The Garden
95.The Merciless Killings
96.He Had Come In My Dream
97.I Too Will Climb The Hill
98.The Banner Of Love
99.The Pains Will End
100.Hear My Apology Lord
101.In My Breath
102.Come Near To Quench Me By Your Grace
103.Take My Greetings
104.Tell My Love!
105.Take My Kiss And Blow On Her Brow
106.On This Eid
107.Tell Him
108.Tell The Owner Of Vintage
109.Wine Of Sorrow
110.The Attributes Of God
111.I’m That Bird On The Tree
112.I’m Leaving Behind
113.On The Front Wall Of My Heart
114.Thou Can Not Flee
115.The Star Of Isolation
116.The Fire Of Love
117.Is It My Fate?
118.O, The Tide Go
119.Spring Song
121.A Knot
122.Used Love
123.Fair Friend
124.The Drunkards
125.The Writer
126.The Soft And Smooth Grass
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