Slices of Life
Subject(s): Prose, personal, poetry, prose, jagmit
ISBN 9788119221882
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  Pages 222





The lockdown was on. Most activity had stopped. Many people suffered but amidst all this Jagmit started writing a bit, and then gradually airing his thoughts. Were they poems? Mere ramblings? You decide. He had never imagined himself to be an author. But then no one had imagined that the world would shut down like this.

JAGMIT or ‘world friend’ as his name implies, is 64 years old and married. He lives in Delhi with his wife Preeti. They have a daughter who is married. Jagmit has travelled extensively both within India and internationally. He retired from Air India. He is fond of sports, especially racquet games like table tennis, badminton and squash. Writing is a recent hobby. He likes to make friends.
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