When I Was Deserted on an Island
When I Was Deserted on an Island
Subject(s): Fiction, Drama
ISBN 16L00012
 Publication Date
  Pages 14



Book description: This story is a detailed account of a little girl’s dilemma when she finds herself all alone on an island. She expresses a wide range of emotions that she experienced that ranged from fear, surprise, anger, sadness and joy.

Jyotika Jayaram, a student of Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School, K. K. Nagar, Chennai is an energetic and fun loving girl who enjoys her student life to the hilt. She owes her writing skills to the teachers of her school who have always encouraged her to participate in various competitions and write in the school periodicals. She has inherited her aesthetic sensibilities from her parents, designer Jayaram Ramachandran and writer Sruti Jayaram who narrated bed time stories to her, which inturn influenced her writing. The very popular Karadi Tales, thoughtfully presented by her grandfather, proved a major milestone in her journey towards the world of books. Today, she has been able to publish her first story with the encouragement of 16Leaves and a few well-wishers to whom she will always remain indebted.
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