Moments of Joy
Moments of Joy
Subject(s): Fiction, Narrative
ISBN 16L00010
 Publication Date
  Pages 24



Moments of Joy has three interesting narratives written by nine-year old Nethra Dhamodaran. These narratives are descriptions of the author’s personal experiences. Enjoy these little joyful adventures! Happy reading!

About the Author: Sanjhana Ramesh A student by day and a book lover for the rest of the time, Sanjhana Ramesh can be usually found with her head in the clouds, or in Chennai, India. As an avid dreamer, her stories normally end up in twists and tangles which are unravelled brilliantly along with her co-author brother! Ashwin Ramesh A Computer Science engineer, currently pursuing a graduate degree in Network Security. Ashwin Ramesh spends most of his time in front of his trusty computer, watching movies and playing games (DOTA). While his sister is up on her cloud, he brings practicality and realism into his works.
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