Food For Thought
Food For Thought
Subject(s): Fiction, Inspirational
ISBN 16L00007
 Publication Date
  Pages 12



This story revolves around one of the main principles of not wasting your food. A young girl does not finish her breakfast, but notices how a beggar near her house forages for food from waste bins and is happy even if he gets a small morsel. She realizes her mistake and decides to respect her food.

H. Abhirami is studying in class 8 in G.K. Shetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya Junior College. Apart from writing stories, she finds numbers very fascinating and also loves to paint. Another interest that she pursues is dance. Being a simple and cool girl, she loves to look and observe things happening around her. Some of the visuals make her happy while others make her sad. She believes there is something special about everyone and everything. She never forgets to thank God for the life that she is leading and does her best to celebrate every moment trying to learn new things.
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