Failure, Not the end… Just the beginning
Failure, Not the end… Just the beginning
Subject(s): Non-Fiction, Inspirational
ISBN 16L00006
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You should never let failure pull you down. Each failure is a stepping stone to success and without failing you will never know how sweet success tastes. This story details how several famous personalities had failed before they touched success. It motivates readers to never give up and tells them to keep trying many different ways to achieve what they desire.

C.M. Uthara is studying class 12 in G.K. Shetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya Junior College in Chennai. She believes that nothing is possible without her adorable parents and brother. She is thankful to her parents for their support and the faith they have in her. Her aim in life is to become a well-renowned civil lawyer. Music, pen, paper and her thoughts…these are the things with which she spends most of her time. She acknowledges that she has an extreme passion towards the English language! Despite failures, Uthara insists that one should never lose their determination. However, it doesn’t mean stepping on others in order to achieve the goal but just trying it again in a better and an intelligent way! Being a true believer in God, she lives by His rules and is thankful for everything. Uthara dedicates this book to all those successful people who have failed in the beginning and then succeeded without losing determination and faith.
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