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Lockdown Literature Series – The Global Birth

The name, the fame, and the game of life – all boil down to a sad sham amidst the monstrous aftermath of the global Covid pandemic. The agony of losing close ones, the creeping uncertainty of life and living, the fear of dying an untimely death and of losing one of our own and the misery and helplessness of the situation – all of these triggered the living ones to try out things that they have never attempted before.

There are budding authors who never thought of writing. There are dancers who kept their desires under leash under the impression that they have two left feet. There are also cooks experimenting and setting up exquisite food blogs who thought cooking is drudgery, perspiration, hard toil and momentary palate pleasure. The houses have become greener with gardening as the latest hobby. Home décor, art and craft, creativity in the simple chores of everyday life to overcome drudgery and monotony are all now a result of lockdown existence. There are Lockdown Quizzes, Lockdown Humor, Lockdown competitions and much more. There are children who hardly found time to do anything else going from one door to another shouldering their academics and extracurricular bags and baggage.

In other words, in the midst of all imaginable evils of a killing Covid and its impact on the human society, one dim flicker of positivity is to be found in the inspired hearts who have evolved into potential authors, artists, painters, dancers, cooks, singers, motivational speakers, litterateurs and more.

The buried passion of individual hearts is now speaking. And speaking the global language of beauty and joy, sorrow and misery, hope and humanity. While the pandemic has physically separated the individuals, the Internet has done a good job in uniting the souls virtually. When a friend cannot meet a friend in person to wish on his/her birthday, the creative mind resorts to penning a beautiful poem or memories or a lovely artwork to celebrate the friendship. A bunch of these creative outputs from different corners creates a new genre – Lockdown Literature. A genre mixed with the pathos and the ethos of a generation suffering in the hands of an unsure future. We all are well aware how the creative spring is spouting within us during the Covid lockdown phases. We shall have a glimpse of the depth of some of the remarkable works that have come to life and taken the world in a storm is our following blogs of the series.