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Book Services

16leaves is happy to provide a la carte services  ranging from editorial or content development to book design to marketing. Please write to us at for a quote or general information on the service that you are looking for.

Book Cover

A book cover intrigues the reader and makes the book appealing. We can design two types of covers for you: premium or elite.

Premium Cover – All our covers will be premium as we would like to offer the best to everyone. We will provide you with options from among a list of suitable covers for your book and you can choose.

Elite Cover – You may not always find what you are looking for in readymade cover options. In that case, let us customize a cover for you. Keeping your book in mind, illustrations and artwork will be combined to create the most appealing cover.

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Interior Design

This includes typesetting and formatting for an elegant layout. Interior design can be standard or premium according to your book’s need.

Standard Interior – Your interior will have a standard design with regard to font, spacing and the general layout. A standard interior is suitable for narratives, especially in prose, where most information is displayed in simple words and sentences.

Premium Interior – Authors can go for a premium if they have figures, tables, academic content or several images to present. Premium offers the option of including custom motifs and add-on’s.

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A great book always has a great editor. Make your book awesome by letting our editors make it clear, consistent and accurate without changing the essence of your story.


Substantive Editing

Substantive editing is more comprehensive. An editor may rewrite, make suggestions and place comments to correct gaps in the plot, structure the story better and enhance the overall presentation. Our expert editors will retain the author’s original touch while improving the presentation and the flow of writing.



An eye for detail is a proofreader’s greatest strength. To read the final manuscript and mark any error that may come up. This is often the last stage of editing.



Indexing is commonly seen in technical and academic books. We will identify key entries and list them alphabetically at the end of a book along with its corresponding page numbers.


Disclaimer: As a publisher, we are keen on ensuring that any work published by us is of great quality. This extends to all our services with editorial being the most fundamental. Therefore, we urge you to choose at least a basic editing service if it is not already included in your package. If our editors find that there are too many plot holes or an inconsistency in the flow, they may suggest that you opt for writing assistance. That is, helping you rewrite parts of your story to enhance it. You may choose to accept the offer at an additional cost.

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eBook Creation

In an increasingly digital world, people prefer to carry a 100 books on a single device rather than to buy 100 print copies of books. Do you prefer reading a digital book rather than purchasing a print copy? Then eBooks are perfect for you. Tell us what you are looking for in your eBook and we will make it happen.


Book App

Launch your book as an app for easy downloading on any smart phone. Update it at your convenience and add media snippets to complement the content.

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Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects in book sales. Custom marketing kits can be created according to the requirements of an author. An array of online and offline marketing tactics can be tailor-made to boost the sales of your book. We also manage distribution of print and eBooks in India and internationally. Some of our handpicked services are listed below.


eTailer Marketing

Online retail platforms are used to promote awareness and interest among potential readers enabling a wider reach for your book. Please note that this does not generate sales.


Video Teasers

Long before your book reaches the market, we can launch video teasers to build anticipation among readers. Teasers are typically shorter than trailers and give a glimpse into your story without conveying too much. It is a great buzz creator.


Dedicated Author Websites

A dedicated author website allows you to communicate with your readers, helps them resolve queries and gives them a peek into your literary activities. Letting your readers relate to you and your story can increase your brand value as an author. The website can also be used to showcase all your past and present works.


Social Media Marketing

The aim here is to attract traffic to your social media pages. For example, writing interesting blog posts, articles, creating eye-catching media content will attract readers to your webpages. It will also motivate them to share it with their social network helping you gain more visibility. Therefore, it is important that authors engage in social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.


Book Press Release

A press release may sound like a rather serious event. However, you will be surprised to see how joyous and worthwhile the event actually is. The event exposes your new book to everyone in your circle and primarily the media. The media is fundamental as they will make news of your book on print and online.


Print Marketing Kit

The kit usually contains promotional material such as business cards, brochures, pamphlets and sample chapters. Distributing them in your network will help create curiosity among readers. Contact us to get the right print collateral for your book. Feel free to engage your creativity and collaborate with us on this.


Online Advertising

Short ads are posted on platforms such as Google and Facebook, so people catch news from all sides. Google ads and Facebook ads may be relatively small but have a large impact. The idea is to create maximum exposure.



Distribution makes your book available at maximum online stores and platforms. It is done nationally and internationally depending on the author’s preferences.

Ingram is the largest e-commerce distributor for books, which makes your book available to several thousand libraries in many countries. Listing your book here will definitely spread its reach globally.

If you would like to distribute your book in physical stores, please contact us.


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Writing services include everything, from additions to an already existing story or creating a new one from scratch. The important thing to note here is that we can write for you!

Script Writing

We can help you write for various mass media including television shows and movies. Writing for motion pictures requires a different skill, which we happen to possess.


Ghost Writing

Often, authors require a “ghost.” A ghost writer, as the name suggests, is invisible in the credits. He or she adds to an author’s story or writes as an author dictates but does not take credit for the work done.


Text Localization

Although globalization is rampant, people are familiar with and appreciate their local culture. They look for it everywhere. Therefore, cultural identification is essential even with books. By localizing text, we can make your book suitable for the local audience and culture.

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A picture is not only worth a thousand words but also helps your characters gain life. Illustrations may be particularly useful in children’s books. There are 3 kinds of illustrations: scene, character and icon. A scene illustration is similar to a cover image or a background image that sets the theme. A character illustration sketches your characters as you may have imagined them while writing your story. Icon illustrations give a more animated look to your story. These are inserted during typesetting.

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Line Art

As the name suggests, these images are created by drawing lines against a certain background. They are often two-dimensional or three-dimensional representations. Sketches and free-hand drawings are good examples of line art. We not only create art but can also modify your existing artwork as per your requirements.

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Support functions can be extended to any service an author may require. However, in this case, support refers to revising parts of your book post-publishing. Revisions can be made to your interior pages, cover, the eBook version or the artwork. All revisions are chargeable based on the effort.

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