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In You


‘‘Love is not a spoken language at all. There is no perfect love, they are all flawed, but knowing those flaws and loving with all your heart creates perfect love.’’ How often do you feel that you can’t endure it anymore? How often do you feel broken?

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Does a person continue to live in you despite having lost them or does a bitter truth transform everything? Sid and Manvika fall in love as if they were meant to be. Their journey is blissful until a terrible tragedy strikes. Manvika’s death! Sid is left alone in a miserable state that sees him facing depression and hallucinations. The only respite from his suffering is offered by his best buddy Ram and his girlfriend Nithi. But little does Sid know that this isn’t the real disaster.

The distressing and unbearable events that took place over the past year were meticulously planned to derange Sid and make his existence meaningless. But is that the final revenge? Does Sid emerge from the darkness he was thrust into? Or do his wrongdoers pay for their behaviour? The most important question is: does Manvika continue to live in him?

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Sep 16

About The Author

Aparna Anoop has always had the knack of blending her imagination and creativity to churn out stories that are thrilling and thought-provoking. Her inquisitive nature turned her into an avid reader of novels during her teens and this reading has fueled and honed her imaginative skills to a large extent. Another outlet of her creativity and imagination is her unique pencil drawings that have earned her many laurels (not so surprisingly, she is pursuing a degree in visual communication). The creative streak of this 19-year old does not stop with just pens and pencils but extends into the kitchen, where she teases the palate of her family and friends with some very tasty food, from time to time. On her own quest to find true love, Aparna gives readers In You, a suspense-filled thriller.


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